Moving in a Hurry – Our Checklist

//Moving in a Hurry – Our Checklist

Moving in a Hurry – Our Checklist

Life is one of those things you just cannot plan out.  Strange and unexpected things happen all the time and then you have to do your best to manage chaos and to keep your head above the deep waters.  Moving is a tough expedition to take on even when you have lots of time for planning and packing. Moving in a hurry is a whole different story and can easily result in a very costly nightmare if you take the wrong steps.  

Don’t worry too much about your sudden moving expedition because at Premier Removalists we have you covered.  Here is a quick checklist to help you through the big move with ease and without all the chaos and worries.

  • Pick your moving date

The first step is to pick the date that you need to get all your belongings moved to your new home.  The most affordable times to move is during midweek or mid-month so try to plan for these dates if you want to save money and find all supply stores open.

  • Take off from work

If you haven’t given notice or are not off on these dates then take off from work. There is just no way to pack all your belongings during the night.  You will only be exhausted and will make a huge mess of your packing.

  • Book your removalist

It is always wise to contact Premier Removalists first so we can schedule and book your big move.  This is also a good time to find out what our rates are and to work on your moving budget.

  • Schedule your cutoff dates

Plenty of payments like your home insurance, electric bills, cable, and the phone will probably have to be cut off and paid up.  Start calling up all of those companies that you pay on a monthly basis, pay up and give your notice.

  • Cancel additional services

Cancel all other services like your gardener, pool cleaners and anyone else who might be scheduled to provide some services at your home.

  • Research the new area

Do some new research on your new home and area.  Find out where all the schools, banks, doctors, emergency services and dentists are and collect these contact numbers.  It makes everything just a little bit easier when you know a bit more about the general setup.

  • Give notice to family and friends

Give your notice to family and friends as early as possible so you and they can take care of some unfinished business and say your goodbyes.

  • Don’t buy fresh foods

Use the foods you have in the fridge and in storage and try not to shop for new spoilable foods.  This will save you plenty of hassles to keep food chilled on the road and will also save you plenty of space.

  • Declutter and sell anything you don’t need

This is probably the trickiest step of all.  It isn’t easy to get rid of all of the stuff you don’t use but it is pretty good for you to declutter.  Getting rid of junk will save plenty of money on the moving trip and will also free up plenty of space in your new home.  Donate or sell anything that you haven’t used in a year.

  • Collect moving materials

If you are doing your own packing and unpacking then go and get some moving materials like boxes, tape, labels and bubble wrap.

  • Backup and copy

Make copies of all important documents and backup all of your photos.  This is also a good time to gather all of those critical documents in safe storage.

  • Start packing!

Now the big step begins.  Packing is tough but if you pack the right way and keep your boxes organised then unpacking will be a lot easier.  Remember to set aside a box for things you will need the first night at your new home.

  • Time for the move

If everything is boxed up then it is time for the big move.  Premier Removalists will come and load everything for you including all of the heavy furniture and homeware and will safely transport and offload it to your new home.

With this quick checklist, you can spring into action before stress sets in and get your entire home moved and unpacked in no time at all.

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