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Your To-Do List Before Moving in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a new home or if you’ve already found one, it’s important to get everything done in preparation for your big move. We know what a stressful time this can be, which is why we’ve created this guide.

Make a List

This will serve you no matter where you live. Whether it’s Belgrave, Emerald, Narre Warren, or Berwick, you should consider making a list of everything you need to do for your unique situation.

IF you have a pet, for example, you should include getting your carpets cleaned in the list. If you have a lot of posters or plants that have made holes in the wall, make sure to repair the holes before you move.

A few months before you begin packing, you should begin listing everything that comes to mind. Put them in order from urgent to things that can wait so that you don’t leave anything to the last minute.

Find Your Removalists

You should definitely find your movers long before the date. That’s because there are times during the year when we experience a high volume of calls. Luckily, Premier Removalists is the best way for you to move your home safely and professionally.


Glad you asked!

The worst thing that could happen is that you get unprofessional movers and they either chip a corner off your dresser or they crack your TV screen.

You won’t have that problem with Premier Removalists. We promise our customers a service done by people that are trained in the field and who you can depend on to move your property responsibly.

This means a lot less stress on your end, so you can sleep with peace-of-mind. Not only this, but you’ll be saving your time because you don’t have to struggle with moving yourself or dealing with movers who don’t know what they’re doing. Not only this, but you could be saving yourself reparation costs by preventing damage to your products.

Premier Removalists are especially useful if you’re on a budget. We understand that not everyone can afford several hundred dollars on movers, which is why we try to keep our prices as affordable as possible. We pride ourselves on being clean and courteous. No matter what, your possessions are safe in our care.

Reread Your Belgrave, Emerald, Narre Warren, or Berrick Lease

You should reread your lease before you start cleaning and packing. There might be extra clauses that you aren’t aware of, like repainting your walls or replacing appliances. If you don’t reread your lease before you move, you could end up losing your security deposit.

This is because most landlords or renters will demand a security deposit in exchange for keeping the apartment in a maintained and clean state.

Hire Cleaners

This is one of the most important things that you can do if you’re moving. That’s because they’re trained to see the things that you don’t. Cleaners will notice the little marks on the wall and the dust that’s been collecting in the corner that you’ve gotten used to.

Not only this, but hiring cleaners will save you necessary time that you can use packing and working on everything else that you need to get done. While it might cost you extra money, you’ll be gaining much more than you spend.

Consider a Storage Unit

You should consider renting out a storage unit so that you can begin clearing out your home as much as possible. Start off with the stuff that you don’t use often and make sure you throw out anything that you don’t use at all.

You should find a storage unit that’s closer to the place you’re moving so that you won’t have to pay as much for the moving truck mileage later on. Overall, it’ll be easier to make sense of your home if you limit the number of boxes in it. If you decide to hire a cleaning crew, they’ll be able to clean more easily.


Are you moving this year? Are you wondering how you can go about it in the best way possible? Are you worried about all the things that you have to do in a short amount of time? If so, you’re in luck. We’ve made you a to-do list designed for your Melbourne move.

More than anything, you should remember to reread your lease, make a to-do list, and to choose your removal company (Premier Removalists is probably the best way to go) to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

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