7 Tips for Unpacking Quickly Following a Move

//7 Tips for Unpacking Quickly Following a Move

7 Tips for Unpacking Quickly Following a Move

Moving from one home to another can be quite daunting.  It is exhausting to pack up all of your belongings into boxes.  It is also terrifying to transport your expensive and delicate homeware from one house to another when there are so many obstacles on your journey and unpacking is a terrible nightmare because you are very likely to already be exhausted before you even start.  

Packing and unpacking can dampen the thrill of moving to a new and exciting home even though you might be relocating to your ultimate dream destination.   In fact, many people would rather stick to their unsuitable apartment or home and try to make the best out of a bad situation just to avoid unpacking.  

Most Australians will move quite a few times during their life.  The first big move is when you leave the nest to find your own apartment.  Young adults are very likely to move several times during their first years in order to find more suitable and practice accommodations and adults will move into a bigger apartment to compensate for an expanding family.  Very few families live their entire lives in the same house and those that do will also make one final move to a retirement home or retirement village.  

Every time you move, there is more stuff that needs to be taken along and moving just becomes tougher as you gain more property.  Here are seven tips to help you unpack much quicker after a big move so you will still be thrilled and full of energy when it is time to redecorate your new home.


Use a Reputable Removalist Company

The best thing you can possibly do for easy and quick unpacking is to use a removalist company.  Premier Removalists can manage a wide range of tasks for you and will take care of most of the hard work involved in moving.  Our professionals will unload all of the heavy furniture and appliances for you.  When it is time for you to unpack all of the small boxes that are left over, you will still be full of energy and excitement and can get those small tasks done a lot quicker.  

Save Shopping for Later

Don’t go shopping for new stuff when you are planning a big move.

It is much better to save your money till after the move rather than buying a lot of extra homeware that also needs to be transported.  Save shopping for after the move and you will also be able to buy things that suit your new home and lifestyle much better.

Organise as You Unpack

Organise every box you unpack.  This will save you a lot of trips between rooms and will help you get all the stuff in the right rooms and places a lot quicker.

Tackle One Room at a Time

Instead of running between rooms and exhausting yourself, start out in one room.  Unpack everything you can and tidy up as you go so there will be little left to do once you are done with a certain room.

Mind Your Packaging 

Instead of simply stuffing all of your homeware into every box you can find you should take some extra time to organise.  Keep different room’s items in different boxes.  You can also colour code your boxes so the removalist company will know where to drop off the different boxes.  

Unpack Necessities First

Unpack those things you need the most first.  When your necessities are already unpacked you won’t have to dig through different boxes to find these items as you go.

Don’t Unpack Everything on the Same Day

When you get tired of unpacking it is much better to take a break rather than force yourself to finish.  This will keep you from simply stuffing your homeware everywhere until you have time to unpack everything in their right spot the first time.

With these seven tips, you can unpack a lot quicker, save a lot of energy and your new home will be a lot tidier when you are done with this challenging task.   

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