5 Ways to Easily Pack Your Kitchen for Your Next Move

//5 Ways to Easily Pack Your Kitchen for Your Next Move

5 Ways to Easily Pack Your Kitchen for Your Next Move

The kitchen is one of the most dreaded rooms in a home when it comes to moving.  Glassware is always challenging to package and transport. All of those delicate kitchen appliances and tiny kitchen utensils take up huge chunks of time when you are packing them away.  There are so many cabinets and drawers to empty and so many tiny and fragile things that you know will be a nightmare to unpack once you reach your new home.

There is, however, a few great tips that will help you reduce the chances of breakage and that will help you get your entire kitchen moved in much less time with much less effort.  

Here are the five best ways to pack your kitchen more compact, safer and for an easy unpacking expedition.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

The best and most important way to ease your packing and moving expedition are by getting rid of all of those kitchen items you haven’t used in ages, things that just don’t fit in or things that are worn down.  Anything that you haven’t used in a year is a good candidate for donation or a garage sale.  You will be surprised at how much room you can save on your load truck and in your new home by simply getting rid of things that you will likely never use in your life.

Bubble Wrap Glassware

Bubble wrap is your best friend when it comes to packing and moving kitchen glassware.  Place two layers of bubble wrap in the bottom of boxes that contain all your glassware.  Wrap your glass dinnerware individually in packaging paper and stack these items.  Add a layer of bubble wrap every three plates or cups.  Another good tip is by using a few t-shirts to wrap extremely delicate items like your wine glasses.  Place crumbled newspaper or bubble wrap in any empty areas between glassware in your boxes and add another two layers of bubble wrap before sealing off the glassware boxes.

Tips For Your Cutlery

Grab a roll of cling wrap and take out your entire cutlery tray.  Wrap your cutlery tray in cling wrap the way it is and box it.  This will save you heaps of time on sorting.  Loose cutlery can be stuffed in a shoebox and taped shut.  Your knives should either be stacked in their containers or you can bubble wrap these items to prevent them from cutting movers.

Tips For Moving Your Appliances

Clean your appliances properly before you package them.  Remove any small parts or fragile items such as glass bowls from your appliance and wrap in bubble wrap.  Add two layers of bubble wrap inside the box and put your appliances inside boxes along with the wrapped delicate parts and loose components.  You can now stuff newspapers or kitchen towels in all of the empty areas to prevent your appliances from shaking on the road.  Add another two layers of bubble wrap to keep your appliances nice and secure.

Package Your Food Easily

When you are packaging your food it is a good time to toss anything that expired out.  You can also toss any foods that don’t seem fresh anymore or foods that have been in the cupboard for too long.  Use your tote bags to collect foods or simply stuff inside boxes or your home cooler boxes and there you go.

With these tips, you should be able to knock off quite a bit of time on your kitchen packaging and you can greatly enhance the safety of fragile kitchenware.  Unpacking also becomes a lot easier and quicker when you use the right packaging methods.   

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